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Treatments and Diagnosis

Treatments and Diagnosis Lotus AyurVeda Spa provides the unique experience of the range of AyurVeda treatments that have been developed over 5000 years in India. The treatments are prescribed and supervised by our qualified AyurVeda Doctor and administered by our qualified therapists. Our doctor will advise on the need and the duration of the treatment programme. The Spa has been specially designed and equipment imported from India to preserve the authenticity of the application of the treatment process.

During the free consultation our Doctor will advise of the ailment, treatment programme and its duration. The following provides a list of treatments and therapies that are available at Lotus AyurVeda Spa;

Your Health Your Appearance
Pizhichil Rejuvenation Therapy
Njavarakizhi Body Purification Therapy
Sirodhara Body Immunisation / Longevity Therapy
Vasthi Slimming Programme
Sirovasthi Beauty Care Programme
Udvarthanam Hair and Scalp programme
Abhyangam Spine and Neck Care Programme
Sidhma Chikilsa Stress Management Programme
Nasyam Ear and Eye Treatment
Snehapanam Cellulites and Skin Complexion
Kizhi Balance and Muscle Strengthening
Dhanyamla Dhara Rejuvenation Massage
Kativasthi General Massage
Urovasthi Medicated Steam Bath
Sandhi Vatha Chikilsa
Swasa Kasa Chikilsa