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Wellbeing Packages

Wellbeing Packages
The Puthiya Thudakam Day Spa Programme
  • AyurVedic Consultation
  • AyurVeda Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • AyurVedic Lunch

  • Day Spa 10am to 4pm - £120 (£100 for 4 or more bookings)

    Holistic Skin and Beauty Care Package
    This enhances the body's ability to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, improving its texture and appearance. This holistic methodology addresses remedies for factors such as stresses, strains, insomnia and anxiety that contribute to premature ageing of the skin. The six stages are as shown below.
  • Consultation with the Doctor
  • Siro Abyangham (Herbal Head)
  • Mukha Abyangham (Herbal Face)
  • Mukha Lepanham (Facial Detox)
  • Ayur Abyangham (Full Body)
  • Herbal Steam Bath
  • 2 Hours - £95

    Raj and Rani Package - Fit for a King and Queen
    An invigorating treatment Package fit for a King and Queen. Blends of personalised AyurVedic herbs and Oils which have aphrodisiac qualities is used to indulge you both with Siro (Head), Mukha (Face) and Ayur (Full Body) Abyangham (Massage). The treatments are designed to enhance sex and root Chakras.
    2 Hours - £75 per person

    Yoga and Meditation Packages
    A package of six (6) Yoga or Mediation sessions can be booked for £50. Yoga classes are held every day. Classes may also be arranged by appointment at your convenience.
    £50 for 6 Sessions
    90 minutes - £10 (Group), £20 (Individual)

    Gift Vouchers
    Have you thought about giving a Lotus Ayurveda gift voucher? They make an ideal gift for an unforgettable Auyrvedic experience. Visit our vouchers page. ]]>